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Business Formation - Practice Transitions - Real Estate - Employment
Starting Your Practice

Business Formation

There are many legal and non-legal considerations when starting a practice.  Whether that is early or later in your career, we assist with all aspects of the related legal considerations.  This typically includes, at a minimum, entity selection, tax elections, partnership or membership agreements, and employment considerations for staffing.  In addition, we act as a resource for you, where needed, to connect you with other specialized professionals within dental, including insurance providers, lenders, real estate specialists, and dental equipment and supply companies as may be necessary to ensure a successful start.

Effectively Buying or Selling a Practice

Practice Transitions

Nearly every dentist will reach a point in their career when they consider or need to complete a practice sale or purchase.  If you are starting a practice, we look forward to working with you as you grow your business.  If you are selling your practice, we want to ensure a smooth exit.  We have a depth of experience in asset and stock/membership interest sale and purchase transactions.  Of key importance is to ensure that the business terms are fair and supportable as well as protecting your respective legal risks.  We take a balanced approach and work to efficiently and proactively move your transaction to a closing.

Leasing & Sales/Acquisitions

Real Estate

Every practice has real estate to manage.  We seek to not only protect dentists contractually but also ensure that the business terms of the transaction are fair and reasonable in the market.  In many cases, this means addressing minutia that, at first glance may not seem relevant, but can save thousands of dollars at a closing, in the event of a dispute, or over the life of a lease.  We actively strive to continually evaluate our client’s real estate needs and future plans and collaboratively plan to ensure negotiations target those goals.

Employment Matters

From associate agreements and non-competes to employee handbooks, we work with practices to ensure their staffing decisions and protocols remain up to date and are structured to protect the practice.


Outside General Counsel Services

We provide monthly and annual plans which allow you to call us as if you had an attorney as part of your staff.  These flat rate arrangements give you ready access to counsel while maintaining a predictable budget.

Estate Planning

We provide estate planning services to dentists, particularly in connection with important life events.  By being well acquainted with each of our clients and their needs, we are able to efficiently advise on these important personal considerations.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide services either on an ad hoc basis or through our general counsel plans to advise on regulatory compliance issues regularly encountered by dental professionals, including HIPAA and STARK Laws

Contract Review

We provide active annual services to many dental clients as their outside general counsel, which includes a broad array of day-to-day needs, including related to contract review and negotiation.


Partnership Disputes

Inevitably not all business partners stay business partners.  When that happens, we are here to help navigate the complexities of unwinding your relationship while still maintaining your patient base and practice.

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